Lyon (NK1002)

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There are no words for explaining how gorgeous is this vase handmade by Burnaby local artist Nina Koba, exclusively for Adele Rae Florist. This is a high-fire stoneware at 1200ºC cone 10, very high quality, glazed with the special recipe from the artist. You can use this vase as an art object for your home interior design, as a unique Birthday gift or for decorating your office. All art from Nina's collection is unique, and you will only find her artwork at Adele Rae Florist, all pieces are different from each other, so you'll be sure that the art you are buying is original and unique. Come and visit us at our floral & gallery store at 4714 Hastings St., you could be lucky and meet the artist herself. This ceramic vase is 6" D x 4" H.

* Flowers not included in the price.

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