Montebello Ceramic Sculpture by Nina Koba (NK1014)

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Nina Koba is an awarded visual artist living in Vancouver, BC. Her work has been exhibit in galleries in Mexico City, Paris, Miami and San Diego. This stoneware (ceramic) sculpture is inspired in the Montebello lagoon colours in Chiapas, Mexico. This a unique sculpture, kiln fired at 1200º C, glazed with the secret formula from the artist. If you are the kind of person who loves art and interior design, this artistic sculpture is for you. Nina Koba art sculptures, paintings and exclusive ceramic giftware is only available at Adele Rae Florist at 4714 Hastings St. in Burnaby, B.C. If you would like to rent her art for a movie production or a special event please visit us.

Nina Koba Art Ceramic Sculpture | Adele Rae Floral, Art and Design