Sundance Ceramic Vase by Nina Koba (NK1010)

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At Adele Rae we fusion art objects with floral design. This gorgeous floral vase is handmade by awarded artist Nina Koba, for sale exclusively at Adele Rae Florist in the Burnaby Heights. This glazed ceramic in a greenwashed colour is carefully designed, as a sculpture, a unique piece, only one was made in this shape. This art piece is made for people who love art and love being unique. Stoneware kiln fire at 1200ºC, easy to maintain and clean. Use it with flowers or without flowers, it's going to look beautiful either way. This decorative vase is 7.5" H x 8.5" W.

Visit Adele Rae Florist, we are located in the Burnaby Heights at 4714 Hastings St., between Beta and Gamma St. Discover a unique collection of handmade gifts, dish gardens, plants, and wonderful floral arrangements.


* Flowers not included in the price.

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