A Tale of 3 Warrior Hearts in the Army of Love in Vancouver

A Tale of 3 Warrior Hearts in the Army of Love in Vancouver

Sweet love comes to visit in the days ahead of Valentine’s Day at the Burnaby florist who has been delivering Cupid’s blossoms to lovers for more than 60 years. The secret that the florists at Adele Rae Floral Art and Design know in their hearts is that giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is beyond age, gender, distance or reason – it’s all in the power of love.

Men and women love to give (and to get) floral bouquets and fresh cut flowers anytime - especially on Valentine’s Day – including buying blooms for themselves! They are like warriors in a big, beautiful Army of Love spreading joy and appreciation.

Love Warriors Matt, Jenny and Tyler have joined the Army of Love because they know each bloom and gesture makes a difference.

Matt has never yet, missed giving his love of 25 years a smile, a hug and great big bouquet on Valentine’s Day. This year work took him out of town. He is keeping their love alive by ordering just the right gift of flowers and chocolates to be sure that the special lady in his life feels loved on Valentine’s Day.

Jenny and her friends plan a Valentine’s Day dinner gathering each year. It’s a tradition they started in college to celebrate together and each one goes home with a floral bouquet that is just right for her. The souvenir of their friendship is always their favourite flowers. That’s because as soon as February arrives, each friend picks a name randomly to buy for of her favourite blooms to enjoy and to feel special.

Tyler feels it’s time for a sweet, old fashioned gesture. He is picking up Valentine’s Day flowers for his mom. He is betting on flowers to help say how grateful he is for all she has done and for all the times she was there for him.

Women and men unite in the Army of Love to bring the power of love and appreciation to everyone. They spread the love with floral bouquets and floral arrangements on romantics, friends, family and even lavish a little floral love on themselves!

Why wait to be recruited?

Browse the love display at Adele Rae online and join the Army of Love to spread joy, today.

Adele Rae delivers Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates to Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, West Vancouver and to North Vancouver.