Burnaby Florist calls for Love Warriors to join the Army of Love

Burnaby Florist calls for Love Warriors to join the Army of Love

Calling all recruits to spread love in romance, friendship and appreciation in Vancouver.

Burnaby florist Adele Rae has its heart set on helping Valentine’s Day flower givers be heroes. They are recruiting warriors for love, and since even heroes need help on their mission to make love blossom – they formed the Army of Love.

Adele Rae - The Army of Love

Warriors in the Army of Love are gearing up to spread joy and these are some of the beautiful gifts they have in the arsenal:

1.Flowers - Floral bouquets and flower arrangements still reign as the Love Warrior’s most popular

2.Chocolates - Known to delight the hearts of women, and also a secret delicious desire enjoyed by men

3.Flower and Chocolate combo

Flowers for Valentine's DayGifting Chocolates for Valentine's Day

What’s not to love? Adele Rae introduces Valentine’s Day kits that pack breathtaking fresh roses with artisan gourmet chocolates

Resistance is futile. The chocolates are irresistible and elegant. Made with edible flower petals such as violet and rose and even gold.

Accomplish your mission of this Valentine’s Day.

Plan ahead with the help of the Army of Love.

Visit Adele Rae and get ready to share your love. 

Adele Rae delivers Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates to Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, West Vancouver and to North Vancouver.