Solve your holiday gift search with local, original handcrafted stoneware & seasonal floral centrepieces

Solve your holiday gift search with local, original handcrafted stoneware & seasonal floral centrepieces

Solve your holiday gift search with local, original handcrafted stoneware, seasonal floral centrepieces and indoor plant arrangements – and delivery guaranteed

The 2020 holiday season gift seeker in Vancouver has the unique opportunity to select gifts that will delight, deliver a message from the heart and be designed locally and not mass produced. A bonus: guaranteed on time delivery in the safe and secure care of your reliable neighbourhood business. Adele Rae Florist nestled at the heart of Burnaby helps gift givers share love, joy and a good measure of health with what Lower Mainlanders are craving most this year – fresh and green life brought to indoor life. Expert floral designers help you match vibrant, easy to care for and health enhancing indoor houseplants in handcrafted containers.

Why not give fresh green and growing love this holiday?

Tropical plants, succulent plants, fresh flowers and floral arrangements are a top trend this winter as presents and as holiday décor focal points with their own seasonal charm. Nature’s beauties are ready to add warmth and year round company. Or choose to arrange and deliver them in lovely functional art containers.

Handcrafted by internationally exhibited artist, Nina Koba, the stoneware art pieces are each finished to a beautiful glass like sheen. Nina selects the materials herself and personally and with her passionate artist’s eye creates glazes in custom colours not seen in mass produced settings. Choose from her latest work to ‘home’ plants in mixed garden planters, terrariums or classic vases to hold fresh floral arrangements.

Shoppers who join the strong trend to buy local and reduce the stress of finding the gift that fits, brings joy and lavishes love. You support a business in our community and you also get priceless guarantees:

  • Direct access to local shop owners who care and are reliably accountable to you
  • You select your lively gift and enjoy no hassle-on time delivery-safe and secure
  • You know that what you actually chose and paid for is what arrives at the door step!

What’s in store for you at Adele Rae Florists this season?

Oh, the magic floral centrepieces for holiday huddles in your bubble. Or, set the stage with Christmas centrepieces to transmit the spirit of celebrations around the screen with other families. Adele Rae Florists on Hastings has floral designers and indoor plant experts, long trusted in the community in the art of matching the perfect living indoor plant or floral arrangement with the occasion and recipient of your love.

Our re-awakened sensitivity to human touch, especially in gifts to family that are distanced from us this year is seen in popular gift selections that include:

Deliver delight – on time, safely and exactly as you ordered it designed and handmade for you in BC. ….. Find out more….

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