Valentine’s Day – a floral love letter to Vancouver

Valentine’s Day – a floral love letter to Vancouver

Love is in the air Vancouver! Floral bouquets are being readied to express a whole lot of love on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New West, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Orders for breathtaking flower arrangements and requests for unique bunches of fresh blooms are awaiting delivery by love’s most trusted messengers, the floral designers at Adele Rae Florist.

The flower shop has created floral bouquets that bring lovers together, appreciate friends and express love for special people for more than 60 years. Your floral designers here are on a mission. They serve in ‘The Army of Love’. They’re looking for recruits and they have a message to share with Vancouver!

We believe in the power of love.

Love for our family, love for our friends and community. It’s what fuels us to meet every day - to live well, to work and to follow our dreams. It’s the thing worth fighting for.

Our dream at Adele Rae Florist was to create a business and life full of love in honour of Vancouver – a city that inspires us to give back. We are warriors for love and our weapon of choice is the art of floral design.

We believe each one of us has someone to love and someone who loves us. And it's our job to nurture that love. To grow love you don't need to give expensive gifts or fancy dinners, though it can be nice.

To hear the words "I love you", to offer or to get a warm hug, or to simply spend quality time is what every human, craves. What every human needs.

Sure, technology helps connect us in our daily lives but it has also distanced us in our human relationships.

Can an emoticon replace a hug? Can a text take the place of a cozy coffee time with friends?

Call us crazy, but on this Valentine's Day we’re calling on each person living in Vancouver to become part of our "Army of Love." Your mission is to make Friday, February 14 the happiest day - for someone.

  • Show your love on Valentine's Day to your wife or husband

Express your love for your partner and let that love shine onto your family and friends on this universal day of love.

  • Pick up the phone and say hi to your friends, near and far

Use technology, that media we have to reach out to anyone around the world – pretty much for free!

  • Spread the love with your smile

On this Valentine’s Day make moments to be nice to everybody. Simply say hi. Share your smile.

You’ve got the power in you – start now.

Join us in the Army of Love and be a love warrior.

Want to add some extra heart to your message of love? Send flowers to your wife, your mom, or your friend. We guarantee you’ll make someone very happy, and lift yourself too when you show your care and your love.

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Adele Rae delivers Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates to Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New West, West Vancouver and to North Vancouver.

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