Gardens of Granada (AR2274)

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What can be more beautiful than this small dish-garden. For exclusive sale only at Adele-Rae Florists; you won't find these dish gardens any other place in Vancouver or even BC. Comes in a handmade stoneware pot designed by local Burnaby artist Nina Koba, it's a unique piece, exclusive and luxury with a beautiful light blue glaze formulated by the artist herself. This tropical plants are very easy to maintain, just add a little amount of water every 3 or 4 weeks. The perfect luxury gift for a Birthday or for pampering yourself. This is a 5" W x 6" H dish garden. There are many benefits to having plants in your home or office, according to science, plants and flowers help reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety and boost productivity.

Nina Koba art is only available at Adele Rae Florist. 604-2990585

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