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Wedding flower design at Shaughnessy restaurant in Van Dusen Gardens by Adele Rae Florists

Wedding flower design at Shaughnessy restaurant in Van Dusen Gardens by Adele Rae Florists

This past summer, we had the incredible privilege of crafting exquisite wedding floral arrangements for a truly remarkable couple. Their reception took place amidst the lush surroundings of Van Dusen Gardens, nestled in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Within this enchanting botanical wonderland lies the renowned Shaughnessy Restaurant, a sought-after destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding celebration.

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The Shaughnessy Restaurant, situated within Van Dusen Gardens, exudes a trendy ambiance that has earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of Vancouver's premier wedding venues. It effortlessly combines captivating natural beauty with culinary excellence, making it an ideal choice for exchanging vows. As local wedding florists proudly serving Metro Vancouver, we wholeheartedly recommend this venue as one of our top selections.

Choosing the Shaughnessy Restaurant as your wedding locale not only guarantees an aesthetically pleasing setting but also ensures convenience for both you and your cherished guests. Abundant parking, spacious accommodations, and picturesque landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for capturing those precious wedding moments on camera.

Wedding Floral Design in Vancouver by Adele Rae Florists

For this particular wedding, we curated a floral masterpiece featuring pristine white roses, delicate baby's breath, locally sourced scabiosa, enchanting pink hydrangeas, and the stunning locally grown lisianthus. If you're contemplating a Vancouver wedding, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Adele RAE Florists. We are a Burnaby flower shoo, we specialize in helping you select the perfect wedding flower design that harmonizes seamlessly with your budget and vision. Our offerings encompass an array of services, including wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, captivating wedding floral arches, exquisite floral art installations, personalized printed ribbons, and enchanting flower arrangements. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we pledge to craft the most breathtaking florals for your special day. Visit you florist in Burnaby, Canada, we are located at 4714 Hastings St. between Beta and Gamma Street, close to the Brentwood area. We deliver flowers in Burnaby and all across the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Wedding Flower Consultation in Vancouver by Adele Rae Florists

Reach out to us at 604-299-0585 or send us an email to secure your appointment. Don't fret if you don't have a wedding planner; we'll gladly recommend the finest professionals in Vancouver to assist you in orchestrating the wedding of your dreams. Your journey to a magical wedding begins here.

Wedding Floral Installation by Adele Rae Florist