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How do I choose the perfect arrangement?

A personalized sympathy tribute that depicts an aspect of a person's life has become a big trend lately. If they loved the outdoors, perhaps a tribute incorporating branches and natural materials would be ideal. If they were an avid gardener, a tribute with a collection of garden flowers may be a perfect choice.

What do I send for a cremation?

A tastefully designed floral tribute adds beauty to any type of memorial service. It is common for the family to have a piece designed for display with the urn.

Is it okay to send flowers to the family's home, and how long after?

Some people choose to send flowers to the home immediately while others prefer to wait a week or longer. In the weeks after the service, this gesture can be a very comforting reminder during the grieving process that friends haven't forgotten.

Should I send flowers if the death notice mentions a charitable donation?

Yes, flowers help say what is often difficult to express, they are always appropriate and in good taste. Flowers also play a functional role, adding warmth to the service and providing the visible emotional support that the family needs during this time.

Can I send a plant to a funeral home? Will it be sent to the family afterwards?

Yes, it is appropriate to send a green or flowering plant. Some funeral homes will deliver plants or flowers to the home if specified. The funeral director will simply notify the family that they may take the plants with them after the service. Check with your funeral home to see what they will do.

Can I send flowers in a glass vase to a funeral home?

From an etiquette standpoint this is absolutely acceptable, however some funeral homes have rules about certain types of arrangements. You should consult the funeral home before and see if it is all right with them.

How should we sign our names if we send flowers as a group?

When groups go in together on flowers, the arrangements can be very special and make a larger showing. There should be room on the floral enclosure card for several names, but if there are more it is best to sign as a group, such as "The Anderson Family." You should also include a contact name and address on your card so the family knows who to thank.

If I want to place a tribute in or on the casket, what should I do? 

This tradition is usually reserved for family members or special loved ones. Ask the family first before ordering anything for the casket such as a pillow or heart.