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10 Ideas to Give Flowers in a Creative Way | Burnaby BC | Adele Rae Florists

10 Ideas to Give Flowers in a Creative Way | Burnaby BC | Adele Rae Florists

Give flowers to add some sizzle to your romance, surprise your best friend, or brighten someone’s day... Just because!

Here are ten ideas to get you going with a more colourful life:

    1. Surprise a loved one by filling their home with flowers. Put a flower bouquet in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. When they arrive home they will be filled with your feelings of love.

    2. When you send a woman flowers, there are usually other women who will notice. For starters, every single woman within a 500 foot radius will immediately notice her when the flowers are delivered. For that moment, the woman is the center of attention, and the others begin to buzz about how lucky she is, how terrific you--the sender--must be, and how wonderful your life must be together. Instead of having flowers delivered, you should take time out of your busy schedule to deliver the flowers yourself. You not only get to see her reaction but you'll definitely score points with her friends and co-workers! Sounds simple, but it works! Don't forget to get her a card with a beautiful message too!

    3. Invite your sweetheart to a picnic in the park. Have them meet you at the part where you’ll be waiting with their favorite meal, a bunch of their favorite flower and a bottle of wine. For added effect, sprinkle flower petals around the perimeter of your blanket - your sweetheart will love the added touch.

    4. Impress your parents with a dinner cooked in their own home. Arrive at their house with a nice arrangement of flowers and candles with a card that says “You’re invited to dinner - at your house!”. Bring with you everything you need to cook them their favorite dinner - don’t forget an apron!

    5. For friends who are going to be in the hospital for a long period of time. On you’re first visit bring them a small arrangement of fresh flowers in a large vase. Then visit every day and bring more and more flowers until you fill the vase.

    6. For a child on a special occasion give them a wrist corsage instead of a bouquet. They will love the special attention they will get from the people they meet all day.

    7. To celebrate a special event, see if you can have a floral arrangement made in a shape that would be appropriate for the event. (i.e. heart, cat, boat, motorcycle etc). This gets even better if you use flowers with a special meaning.

    8. Buy a bouquet of flowers and give a few with each of your Christmas gifts. It's like making a small floral arrangement for each gift: you can put them inside the gifts own ribbon, or maybe secure them with another, smaller ribbon or a string. You will have fun in the process and everyone will love it. A floral bouquet goes a long way!
    9. Go out to buy breakfast and come back home with fresh local flowers. Your family will enjoy the treats while admiring beautiful flowers and smelling the nice aroma. What a great way to start the day!

    10. Don’t forget about yourself! Arrange to have flowers sent to yourself once a month - just because. The fragrance of fresh cut flowers is mood-enhancing, can help lift depression and can ease stress and tension.

      Have some more ideas on how to give flowers? Leave your comments below or give us a shout by email or social media and your ideas might appear here for a Part II of this post!

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