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3 Ways indoor plants improve well-being and productivity in the workplace says Burnaby based Adele Rae Florists

3 Ways indoor plants improve well-being and productivity in the workplace says Burnaby based Adele Rae Florists

How can you enjoy spring on demand – and benefit from all its beauty and fresh inspiration? Bring it indoors. Think succulent dish gardens, tropical indoor plants, double stem orchid plants and cacti plant terrariums elegantly arranged for you by floral designers at Adele Rae Florists. And, if you want to feel that delight fast – have your pick of the best high quality succulent and tropical plant terrariums delivered the same day in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and other Lower Mainland areas.

Science News reported on a study from University of Exeter that looked at what plants do for us beyond the pleasures of plants we all feel. They monitored large commercial offices in the UK and Netherlands over months and proved these immediate and long-term benefits of the effects of plants on people in the workplace:

  • 1.Increased well-being
  • Investing in plants as part of the office landscape results in an increase in office workers' quality of life and productivity.
  • 2.Better air quality and concentration
  • Levels of workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality increased significantly in the office
  • 3.Boost in productivity
  • Enriching the office environment with plants versus the ‘lean office’ with only minimal furnishings in the workspace with plants could increase productivity by 15%.

Science supports the art of what people felt all along about plants at work. Having plants in our home office or plants in a commercial office setting makes people feel better - more engaged, more alert and more emotionally involved in their work.

Green choices for working spaces are unlimited and are customizable with Adele Rae Florists’ artist in residence – Nina Koba. A visual artist whose paintings, ceramic art and designs in other materials have been exhibited in Mexico City, US and Paris, she designs indoor plant dish gardens and creates handmade containers not found anywhere else in British Columbia. Nina’s technique produces a very high quality stoneware at a temperature that very few ceramic artists fire at, so it finishes just a grade before a glass-like porcelain. Each piece is glazed by glazes Nina Koba creates herself. Her ceramic art is only available for purchase in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende and in Burnaby at Adele-Rae Florists.

Get more out of your day and enjoy more in your life with plants! Lift your spirits and elevate your results in a space you can create! Choose plants for your space here.