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Adding joy to your home office with easy care indoor plants by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

Adding joy to your home office with easy care indoor plants by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

Green living solutions in the form of easy to include house plants can banish any blue days ahead in your home office this winter! Our homes, places we used to go to rest and to recreate, are now spaces we’ve scrambled to create a home office to work from. It’s also where we are expected to learn and often to teach our children or coach clients and colleagues – all around a buzzing blue screen. The antidote to electronic life is nature and plants play a big role in bringing the benefits of the natural world to you. Read on for tips from Burnaby based, Adele Rae’s floral designers on how to add life to your home office and bring energy to what you share on that conference screen.

How to meet our human needs and manage working solo in your home office?

Add plants as living company

The office water cooler is gone and so is the chance to walk to it for a break or to some banter with colleague at the coffee room. So, and a new living breathing kind of company!

You can start with a plant for your desk. A lively potted easy indoor plant that will even thrive in low light. Make room for it and tidy your workspace. Water it and you’ll remember to hydrate, too. Exhale fully as you enjoy it and it’ll send the reward of some quality oxygen right back at you.

Give your house plant light, food and attention, and you’ll naturally lavish some of that love on your well deserving self!

Decorate and design your signature space for success and less stress

Plants grow joy. They’ve been proven to elevate your mood and productivity. And, while houseplants lend a touch of nature to your décor, they also reflect well on you when you show up to connect with colleagues and clients on those conference screens.

Ready to stretch a little in the concept of indoor plants designed for your space?

Imagine a walk through a secret garden of low light indoor plants full of choices like succulent plants, cacti gardens, flowering plants and more. Tropical plants and dish gardens especially chosen to be easy houseplants. Ones that thrive in their role as home office companions, cuing your good posture as they stand as indoor trees. Too much? Consider the compact Bonsai tree that naturally connect you to both nature and a noble lineage of sculpted plants ideal for your tidy home office.

  • Rethink your office space. Are you still sitting at your dining table? Or a wee little desk that makes your back hurt? Most home offices don’t start out as ergonomically smart.
  • Why not get all your moving parts like your keyboard, phone and reading space in sync and add plants to remind you that you are not part of the machinery?
  • Take regular breathers. Sit up straight and populate your place with healthy and green reminders of life beyond your solo work time and screen sharing. 

So, what’s Adele Rae got in store for you?

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