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Ideas on sending sympathy flowers with personalized floral bouquets or floral arrangements in Vancouver

Ideas on sending sympathy flowers with personalized floral bouquets or floral arrangements in Vancouver

What floral bouquet is best to choose when I want to send sympathy flowers? How do I choose the perfect floral arrangement? These questions asked by individuals and companies who want to send messages of love and remembrance to someone mourning a loss are answered often by the floral designers at Adele Rae Florists. Floral bouquets and flower arrangement sent to funeral homes in time for services or sympathy flowers sent to a residence after the cemetery or memorial services express a great deal between the sender and the recipient.

Both flowers and plants are appropriate to send as expressions of caring and connection to community support when choosing sympathy flowers.

What you send can reflect what the person who passed valued and loved. Here are a few ideas on how you can personalize the sympathy flowers and message you send:

  • 1)Elements of nature such as foliage, branches and natural materials to remember the person who loved being active outdoors
  • 2)Plants or dish gardens are long lasting and can represent someone’s love of gardens
  • 3)Floral bouquets or flower arrangements for the beauty of it in favourite colours or blooms

Colour choices in sympathy flowers can be influenced by culture or by the personality of the lost friend.

While white blooms and soft colours are often the choice for sympathy flowers, bolder colours also appear in floral arrangements. Italian tradition, as one example, includes red, white and green flowers like the national flag. Other cultures favour sympathy flowers in white and purple.

The Burnaby-based florist’s online and in-shop choices of fresh cut flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements as well as distinctive ceramic dish gardens with easy care and long lasting plants offer a suitable choice for any expression of sympathy. Read what a flower’s colour represent here.

Adele Rae is proud to be a local family owned and operated florist who support local growers when they select fresh high quality seasonal flowers and plants for indoor enjoyment. It is part of the care to families and to companies who send messages of comfort that touch people's hearts. Deliveries of sympathy flowers, indoor plants and floral arrangements to homes, or to the funeral service locations include the Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and surrounding Lower Mainland areas.

Call today and speak to a floral designer dedicated to help you select the right floral bouquet or indoor plant to deliver your expression of love at 604-299 0585. Or, visit the website to find the flower arrangement that moves you.