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Importance of sending flowers in human society! by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

Importance of sending flowers in human society! by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

Ever wonder what the effect is of sending Mother’s Day flowers to your mom? Of sending anniversary flowers to your partner, wife, or husband? Of sending Birthday flowers or get-well flowers to a friend? What effect do flowers have in your home, office, or place of business? Why, for 5000 years, have humans cultivated and shared flowers?

In short, flowers make people feel good! They make your mother smile. They make your partner happier for days. They promote mental and emotional wellness in your friends. And they reduce stress and promote brain activity and creativity in you, your colleagues, or your employees. Psychologists, geneticists, horticulturalists, and neuroscientists have all found that flowers induce powerful positive emotions.

Recent studies have found that the presence of colourful flowers improves life satisfaction and triggers happy emotions: red promotes concentration; blue encourages creativity; and green is linked to safety, which could explain why leafy plants create such comfortable environments. It’s not just the colours that trigger powerful effects either. The scent of rosemary improves memory, and lavender has been shown to improve relaxation and sleep.

So, stop wondering and send flowers—and their positive benefits—to your loved ones. At Adele Rae Floral Art and Design, serving Burnaby and greater Vancouver, we can assist you in selecting beautiful flowers for any occasion.

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