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The Importance of Floral Bouquets in Graduation Ceremonies by Adele Rae Florists

The Importance of Floral Bouquets in Graduation Ceremonies by Adele Rae Florists

Floral bouquets are often used in graduation ceremonies as a symbol of achievement, growth and accomplishment. They can represent the start of a new chapter in life. The use of floral bouquets in graduation ceremonies can be traced to the Ancient Greece, where the use of laurel wreaths were used by scholars and poets to honour their achievements.

If you are choosing a floral bouquet for your daughter or son's graduation, we recommend selecting a design in bright colours, like yellow, blue, pinks, and purples, as these colours evoke joy and enthusiasm. Try to incorporate flowers that hold a personal significance to the graduate, it will mean a lot for her/him.

As well we recommend not to buy a very large bouquet, instead try a small to medium size that can easily be hold by the graduate, big bouquets are heavy and will gain too much attention for the pictures. If your graduate doesn't like to carry a bouquet, then the use of wrist corsages or pinned boutonnieres, are very popular, they are small and easy to use.

Adele Rae Florists is a local flower shop in Burnaby, B.C., we have a team of professional florists that will design the best flower bouquet for your graduation, visit our shop and ask for a consultation . We will recommend to you the best options for your graduate, according to the colour of the dress or suit, and the height. As well, we have a large collection of wrist corsage and boutonniere to choose from. 

As a local flower shop, we offer floral delivery service to any area in the Metro Vancouver area, so you won't have to worry. Our shop is located at 4714 Hastings St., between Beta and Gamma St. in North Burnaby, BC. We are conveniently located, close to the Simon Fraser University and major schools in Burnaby. 

Buy online, visit us or call us at 604-299-0585 for any inquiries.