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The tradition of sending flowers on Valentine's day by Adele Rae Florists | Burnaby, Canada

The tradition of sending flowers on Valentine's day by Adele Rae Florists | Burnaby, Canada

Valentine's Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to honour and express love and affection between romantic partners and friends. One of the most popular ways to show love and affection on this day is by sending flowers.

 The history of sending flowers on Valentine's Day can be traced back to the ancient Roman history. During the festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated in February, young men would draw the names of women from a jar and then pair off with them for the duration of the festival. They would often give gifts to their chosen women, being one of the most popular flowers.

Flowers have also been associated with love and romance in literature and art for centuries. In the Victorian era, it was common for men to send flowers to their loved ones as a way of expressing their feelings. Flowers were also used to deliver secret messages, with different types of flowers and floral arrangements having specific meanings. For example, red roses were a symbol of love and passion, while yellow roses were used to represent friendship.

Today, sending flowers on Valentine's Day is a beloved tradition that continues to be a popular way to express love and affection. Flowers are a timeless gift that can convey love, care, and true appreciation in a way that words alone cannot do. Whether you choose the classical bouquet of red roses or a more unique floral arrangement, flowers are a perfect way to show your love on Valentine's.

We are Adele Rae Floral Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, and we are an excellent choice for those looking to send flowers on Valentine's Day. We have a team of experienced and talented florists, that are committed to creating beautiful and unique floral arrangements and flower bouquets. We source our flowers mostly from local growers, as this is the only way to guarantee their duration, each of our flowers are carefully picked by our head floral designer Nina Koba, enduring the best quality. Adele Rae Florists offer flower delivery service to most areas in Greater Vancouver, including areas like Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Vancouver, and more; our team commits with their customers only to send the best flowers and make sure they are delivered on time. Wether you are looking to send a bouquet of red roses, or any other colour of roses, or a customized flower bouquet, we are here to help. We are passionate about creating beautiful and meaningful floral designs that reflect the personality and taste of each individual client.

For Valentine's we always recommend our customers to pre-order as soon as you can, you will get the best price and you will make sure that what you order is what you will get; if you wait until the last minute you will pay more and get only the flowers that are left on stock.

You can pre-order your Valentine's flowers on this link, call us at 604-299-0585 or visit our flower shop. We are a florist in Burnaby, BC, our store is located at 4714 Hastings St., close to East Vancouver and Metrotown areas.