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What wedding flowers are in season in fall by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

What wedding flowers are in season in fall by Burnaby Florist Adele Rae

As summer gracefully transitions into fall, vibrant hues and breathtaking landscapes inspire a wealth of colour possibilities. From the enchanting transformation of leaves on trees to romantic sunsets, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches, warm and rich color palettes are abundant once September arrives. This autumnal beauty extends to your wedding flowers as well, with a plethora of popular blooms showcasing dramatic shades of orange, red, yellow, purple, and even brown. Whether your fall wedding theme leans towards rustic chic, classic elegance, or boho style, the role of flowers in your decor cannot be underestimated. To guide you in your floral journey, we have a team of weeding  florists who will provide you with  insights into the most desirable and colourful blooms for this time of year. For this year 2023, your local florist in Burnaby Adele Rae recommends you to use:

  • Dahlias, locally grown in the beautiful province of British Columbia are one of the most popular flowers, elegant flowers with big blooms.Local Dahlias
  • Garden Roses is another popular elegant flowers that you can find in fall, usually this is a flower you can find all year round but there are colours that are only grown in the fall season. Some garden roses are locally grown in British Columbia.Garden Roses wedding flowers
  • Sunflowers is another popular flower we use for fall wedding flowers, but as this flowers is too brights, not so many brides like the flowers, the usage will depend on the brides wish. This flower is as well locally grown in the Canadian province of British Columbia, huge and beautiful blooms.Sunflower wedding bouquet
  • Orchid cymbidium is one of the most elegant and popular flowers we use for fall wedding bouquets, locally grown in Canada, the flower has character, elegant and stylish. Many colours are available but the one that we use the most for wedding bouquets is the light pink, yellow and burgundy colour.Orchid cymbidium wedding flowers
  • Pampagrass is not a flowers but is a very popular filler we use in the fall season, as it adds a touch of elegance and boho style to you bouquet. We get the best quality of fresh pampa grass from California specially in the autumn season. We can get dried pampa grass or fresh anytime of the year, but the best season for getting at the best price is on the fall season.Pampa grass wedding flowers

Many brides ask us if it´s possible to get peonies for weddings in the fall season, the answer is yes, it´s possible, but we need to import the flowers from Holland or Chile, which makes the flower very expensive, and to be honest, most of the times, the peonies we received imported in the fall season are not the best quality.

If you are celebrating your wedding in Metro Vancouver, call us, we have a team of wedding flower specialists that will guide you to find the best flowers for you wedding celebration. We are a florist in Burnaby, Canada, we do bridal bouquets, floral archs, floral art installations, wedding centrepieces, wedding corsages, boutonnieres, and more. Book a consultation at 604-299-0585 or send us an email at . We are located at 4714 Hastings St., between Beta and Gamma street in the heart of the Burnaby Heights.