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When is the right time to send sympathy flowers or funeral flowers? by Adele Rae Florists

When is the right time to send sympathy flowers or funeral flowers? by Adele Rae Florists

Is it okay to send funeral flowers to the family's home after a funeral or memorial service? When should I send sympathy flowers? These are questions the floral designers at Adele Rae Florists have been helping customers with at their family run and Burnaby based flower shop since 1963.

The answer? It depends. You have choices and they reflect the relationship to the family member, beloved friend or colleague who passed.

Sympathy flowers, unlike the floral arrangement and casket sprays that they deliver to the funeral parlour, church or cemetery, are sent directly to the home. They can be sent the day before the service or as long as a week or more after.

‘Who’ is sending the sympathy flowers, often guides the ‘when’ of the sending.

Try these tips on sending sympathy floral arrangements and fresh flower sympathy bouquets suitable for sympathy flowers that Adele Rae’s floral designers have recommended:

1) Family usually send flowers immediately after a funeral or memorial service to the home of the grieving family. 

Some send flowers to the funeral parlour to be present for the family during the funeral service.Friends who feel especially close and like family to the bereaved also choose to send immediately after the service to the home.

2) Friends and colleagues tend to send floral bouquets after the ceremony.

It’s a good idea to wait 3-4 days or even a week or more to send floral bouquets. Your gesture can be a very comforting reminder during the grieving process. It shows that a community is there for support and that the family is not forgotten as they process the loss they still feel, well after the service.

3) Companies who wish to honour colleagues or clients send the sympathy flowers to the home.

Floral arrangements are a welcome appreciation of the life lead by the valued client or cherished employee. A lovely indoor plant is just as suitable as a floral bouquet for companies to express their sympathy.

There is no time limit to show care and connection so send your funeral flowers so choose what feels best.

Call today and speak to a florist dedicated to help you select the right floral bouquet or plant to deliver your expression of love at 604-299 0585. Or, Visit the website to find the flower arrangement that moves you.